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Product Features: 

  • Micro controller based motor protection relay. (Panel / Flush mounting.)
  • Bypass of unwanted parameter can be programmed.
  • Trip delay time programmable for each parameter separately.
  • Relay can be programmed for relay to get energized during healthy or unhealthy condition.
  • Instant values of parameter displayed during healthy status. Reason for tripping displayed during unhealthy status.
  • Unhealthy status will be displayed till the user acknowledges in manual mode.
  • Auto / Manual
  • Program lock facility available.
  • Parameters: Phase- Phase missing (failure), phase reversal (sequence) and phase unbalance, Voltage – under voltage, over voltage based on 415V AC, Current – Under current, Over current based on nominal current set, Under frequency, Over frequency
  • CT primary can be programmed up to 2500 in steps of 5. CT secondary will be factory set for 5.
  • MPR-E1– Panel / Flush mounting, MPR-G1- Din rail mounting


Overall: MPR-E1 – 96 x 96 x 117mm,, MPR-G1 – 76 x 78 x 115mm (W x H x D)

Cutout: MPR-E1 – 92 x 92mm (W x H)


Any 3 phase 4wire systems like Motors, pumps, generators, Distribution panels, MCC, air conditioners, elevators, cranes, escalators, etc

Ordering Information:

Model Function Source Relay Output Data Sheet
MPR-E1 Motor Protection Relay  (Panel  mounting) 415V AC  (3Ph-4W) 1 c/o relay Click Here
MPR-G1 Motor Protection Relay (Flush mounting.) 415V AC  (3Ph-4W) 1 c/o relay Click Here